About us

DIT Drug Information Technologies, Inc. is a worldwide technology leader in drug databases, decision support and clinical checking software.
Our databases and software help physicians, pharmacists and patients identify and manage drug-drug interactions, allergies, duplicate therapies, side effects, contraindications and drug-disease interactions. Elderly patients are in particular those who are multimorbide and are on multiple drug therapy. Therefore DIT drug database helps to identify important precautions based on the patient's age according to Meaningful Use Stage 2 2014 EHR program. With more than ten years experience of using ICD10 in Europe DIT is well prepared for the introduction of ICD10 in 2015 in the U.S. and providing drug-disease interaction checking based on ICD10.
Through interfaces to the NDCCODE and the UNII-CODE of the FDA and the RxNorm data set of NIH DIT reconciles the needs of modern data standards for e-prescribing such as Surescripts' and drug risk checking at the same time.  
Clinical excellence and relevancy distinguish our software and lend a competitive advantage. Only through the use of our systems by thousands of clinicians with millions of patients have we been able to obtain this distinction.
For more than 30 years, an international team of physicians, pharmacists and software engineers have built these proven databases, knowledge engines and software technologies with precision and care.
DIT has invested substantially in its infrastructure over the last few years. Daily updates of the drug database are facilitated by a powerful intranet application allowing medical experts from all over the world to contribute to the relevancy and excellence of our database products, ultimately to the benefit our users.
Our products and services are delivered to our national and international audience by a number of methods. They are integrated into local pharmacy and physician systems, or offered for Internet, intranet and APP use. Our new DIT Webservice delivers all information needed for e-prescribing and drug risk checking faster than ever to all kinds of prescribing health professionals.  
The importance of clinical checking has never been more apparent. Recent evidence of patient deaths, and removal of medications from the market, based on the lack of clinical checking is striking. It is impossible for clinicians and patients to keep up with the surge of information on new medications without help. Increasingly, experts agree that clinical checking software is imperative for the protection of health. All development and product delivery to our customers is supported by professional consulting. Our pharmaceutical, medical and software experts will help you to implement the solution you need, based on your requirements, in a time and cost efficient way.
"No more hassle with drug interactions, allergies, therapeutic alternatives, RxNorm, NDCCodes and ICD-10."
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