Getting an Idea

Be prepared for ICD-10 Code and make the most advantage out of it!

October 1, 2015, is the deadline from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for ICD-10 implementation. Healthcare providers, payers, clearinghouses, and billing services need to comply with the transition to ICD-10 codes, which means effective with October 1, 2015, dates of service, ICD-10 diagnosis codes will be required for all healthcare services, and ICD-10 procedure codes will be required for all hospital inpatient procedures.

DIT supports with its suite of drug risk checking tools the drug disease interaction check for more than a decade based on IDC codes. This check is now using ICD9 and will be available for our customers using ICD10 in time when the new code system is obligatory starting October 2015.

ICD10 is in Europe in use since 2003. Therefore DIT/SCHOLZ Databank has long-time experience in this specific area of drug safety.

Make the most advantage for your practice out of the new ICD10 code: use it for your claims and for checking drug disease interactions with DIT.