Products Drug Database has its focus on helping physicians to identify and manage drug-drug interactions, allergies, duplicate therapies, side effects, contraindications and drug-disease interactions when prescribing. Pharmacy and consumer oriented systems are also supported and available on demand.

DIT Drug Database is a comprehensive drug risk control system that provides reliable drug information based on literature research, manufacturer data, and information from the FDA and similar European authorities. It covers more than 150,000 commonly used over-the-counter and prescription drugs listed by NDCCODE and published with the NDCCODE by the FDA and contained in the RxNorm data set from the NIH.

DIT Drug Database comprises the Knowledge Engine with its clinical concepts and application software and interfaces for use in local networks, intranets and the worldwide web. DIT SQL Server solutions and Webservices with high performance server connections support also new EMR and e-prescribing cloud solutions.  

DIT Drug Database technology is usually distributed through vendors developing and marketing EMR, prescription, hospital information or pharmacy systems. A standalone Windows software is also available for professional endusers.